• Darren Gertler

May 15th 2019

On May 11th the Science Workshop went on a field trip like they had never gone on before. We were invited to a local Sawmill that specializes in reclaiming lumber that otherwise would have been headed for the landfill.

Out of the Woods, mill is located up in the Redwood forests above Soquel. A ½ mile dirt road led us to a great site where students learned about the variety of trees in our forests and their multiple uses if you are willing to be creative. Students also got to see and ‘help’ mill a slab from a diseased Walnut Tree. The best part was that each student got to leave with a live edge maple cutting board that they were able to give as Mothers Day Presents. Students learned first hand that sanding hardwood is much tougher than the soft pine and fir that we typically receive in donations at the science workshop.

A huge thanks to Ed at www.outofthewoodsmill.com!

If you have access to any other educational, environmental, scientific, and fun field trip locations please send us a note. We are always looking for ways to help students make connections with the natural world outside of their own neighborhoods.

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